June 12, 2019 Off By Garfield Thomas

Start gradually
The biggest mistake that can be made is to start with intensive training right away . This will lead us, as already said, to soon have a rejection of the discipline because the fun will be far exceeded by fatigue.
It is essential to start gradually, depending on your starting level. If you have never done sports, allow the body to get used to it: start with 1-2 outings a week on medium-easy routes for a couple of hours. As you see progress, you increase difficulty and duration, but make sure you always leave the body with an adequate recovery phase.mtb in the woods

Aerobic training

We often hear about aerobic or anaerobic training. In a nutshell, the first occurs in the presence of oxygen while the second occurs in the absence. Both types of training are important, but above all at the beginning you will have to pay more attention to aerobic training in order to improve your base and your general physical condition, burning excess fats. Once you have reached an adequate level of fitness, you can think about training power and speed with anaerobic methods.

To train in aerobic condition it is necessary to do it with an intensity equal to 80% of one’s maximum heart rate. If you do not know it, you will have to feel like pedaling with a busy breath but without wheezing.mountain bike ascent
Also train the technique

To be able to enjoy a fearless MTB outing, it is not only necessary to be physically fit, but you will also need to have a good command of the vehicle and a good technique to tackle descents and climbs in an optimal manner. Also the technique can be trained and then interspersed with exits dedicated to physical training, also exits dedicated to the use of the MTB : look for a path that is as close to home as possible and return to follow it until you have reached an optimal level of safety even in the most challenging passages. At that point you will be ready to move on to a more technical itinerary!mtb training

The importance of nutrition and hydration

As always, it’s not just a matter of training! It is essential to feed and hydrate properly. All your efforts in the saddle could be frustrated if you miss your diet or hydration. The nice thing about riding a bike is that you won’t have to make big sacrifices at the table. You will only have to eat in moderation and without exaggerating. At the end of the training make sure to ingest protein in the first half hour and then carbohydrates.
Hydration is essential in all phases : before, during and after training. Make sure you not only provide the body with the liquids it needs, but also with salts and sugars to help with various training phases, such as using products such as Mg.K Vis Full Sport and Mg.K Vis Pocket Stick .mechanical and hydration in mtb

Stretch at the end of the exit

A final piece of advice I can give you is not to neglect the practice of stretching at the end of the MTB training. The muscles, if you do some exercise at the end of your ride, will recover fatigue faster and you won’t have any problems with cramps or anything. By putting these easy and brief tips into practice you will already be at a great point to be able to start loving that wonderful mountain bike discipline and you will then be ready to move on to a more advanced level.