Mountain Bike clothing, the right tips for purchases.

Mountain Bike clothing, the right tips for purchases.

June 12, 2019 Off By Garfield Thomas

The unconventionality in DNA, mountain biking has always had, obviously influencing the ‘ clothing for mountain biking . Forty years ago, when it was imported into Europe from the United States, the discipline of “fat wheel” bikes subverted all the patterns and ways of doing cyclists on the old continent, why not, also the way of dressing. Compared to the “cousins” of the road, bikers have always dared more, they were the first to use strong, almost dazzling colors. In the 1990s, bikers were the first to use yellow, purple or fuchsia suits; bikers were always the first to wear full-face helmets that the road bikers had never seen.

Now let’s take a leap forward a few years to see how even today, the world of mountain biking has set the pace in the clothing sector: it was the world of “fat wheels” that first abolished tight-fitting trousers and t-shirts narrow that almost does not allow you to breathe or take a banana from your back pocket. No, the clothing of the modern biker is cheeky and “easy” , it is more comfortable and not very compelling, because basically the biker does not only have the chronometer or aerodynamics in his head, but above all he wants to have fun and do it freely, comfortably, without being too wrapped up in what he wears, especially since in this way if you have a few extra pounds you can better conceal …

How does the biker dress?
Let’s start with the trousers , the ones you can’t call them “overalls”. The biker’s breeches are called baggy shorts , and they are definitely different from the more tight and tight lycra overalls, which are hardly used by anyone in mountain biking. The baggy shorts are basically short trousers with a wide fit , also equipped with practical and useful wide pockets on the sides, where you can store useful accessories during outings. The baggy shorts flutter a little, it is true, but it is not a problem for a discipline that does not have to pay much attention to the resistance that at speed opposes the wind.

How baggy shorts are made
The baggies are made up of two parts, the outer part of which we have spoken and the underlying boxer, in practice a tight pant fitted inside the bottom, which performs the classic function of interfacing the contact between the saddle and the saddle. In practice, if the baggy has the function of dressing, the underlying boxer has the role of improving comfort and sometimes also protecting the body through soft inserts strategically positioned on both sides, exactly at the point where the femoral head insists.

The jersey of the biker moutain
Wide trousers should be combined with sweaters of the same type, wider than those used in the past and almost never tight. Moreover, the back pockets have disappeared from the mountain bike jerseys, as another accessory is now used to carry out the function of storage, and we will talk about it later, the water pack. Remaining with the sweaters, the cut of the sleeve is usually long, whether they are winter or summer models, since in both cases the need for the garment is also to protect the arms from scratches and abrasions that might otherwise occur with the branches or with shrubs. As with the baggies, there are also models with integrated protections for long-sleeved shirts.